The big jump

Year: 2019
Director: Ernst Kaufmann
Genre: Film Documentary
Production: Sigma Filmproduktion

Musicians: R.Rinciari - R. Matulich
Music publisher: Crislermusic

The film is an adventurous journey into the world of ski flying and this high-tech sport shown in spectacular 3D. The public enters a new unexpected world. What is just a competition on television became an euphoric experience, a glimpse of the most modern training methods and the discovery of the aesthetics of flight for cinema viewers.

Writing for this Docu-Film with Rodolfo was very stimulating. When they told us we had to musically describe the emotions that a flying man on two skis feels, we immediately jumped into intensive musical writing. Throwing yourself on an icy slope to jump and then land on your skis on the white snow is a sensation of pure adrenaline, so the music produced evokes suspended but also action. The sounds used are all virtual.