Scarlett Impossibile fuggire

Genre: Horror
Director: Luigi Boccia
Music: R.Matulich - R.Rinciari
Production: DreamWorld Movies

Music publisher: Crisler music

The absolute star of Scarlett is a car. The film is an "on the road" on Italian roads, a long journey that starts from Rome towards an unknown destination. Giulia is a twenty-seven-year-old girl who is kidnapped from her car while on her way to Florence for an appointment with her ex-boyfriend. During the journey, the car suddenly seems to "come to life" and kidnaps the girl, imprisoning her in the cockpit. A journey to the edge of madness begins for Giulia, which will end 48 hours later, when the car promises to leave her free in exchange for one last wish that she will have to fulfill ... And only in the final stages of the film, we will discover that most likely there is another truth behind this story, because the car is not "possessed", and Giulia was the cavy of an ingenious and chilling experiment.

The music for this film was written by Rinciari and Matulich in the classical way and performed entirely by the national orchestra of Budapest. A swing song called “You look just right for me” with the singer Crooner was also producted with the four-handed method”.