Paradise Valley - trailer

Paradise Valley

Year: 2019
Duration: 79’
Genre: Thriller
Direction: Carlo Fusco
Cast: Ieva Lykos, John Petrizzi, Gianni Alvino, Ralph Guzzo, Lauren Henry, Luis Ramirez
Film Script: Ieva Lykos, Dena McKinnon
Musicians: Raffaele Rinciari e Rodolfo Matulich
Music publisher: Crisler Music

Production: ArifaFilm, Lykos Film

Foreign sales: Adler & Associates Entertainment [Stati Uniti]

Plot: The dramatic story of a nuclear engineer sent to Italy to restore an old power plant.

In Paradise Valley I collaborated with Rodolfo Matulich for the second time: we both agree on how difficult was to set music. Tthe whole story takes place in a small bucker room where five people take refuge: few dialogues, but on the other hand the actors’ intense looks and expressions helped giving me musical ideas and completing the drafting of the music. They were all made with four hands between me and Rodolfo. The nine tracks in total were composed directly on the pre-assembled images of the film. Finally, everything has been retouched to the smallest detail and finalized for the 5.1 Dolby Surround audio passage."