Studio di registrazione

The studio has 2 shooting rooms, of 20 square meters for recording instruments or voices that require microphone separation.
The control room is equipped with the most common listening standards. The technology used offers multi-track recordings with conversion of the 24-bit signal to 192 khz.

The mixing is carried out with the help of the dynamic processor and professional hardware and software signal. The microphone recordings are precise and crystal clear thanks to the highest quality tube preamps.

. Computer Mac Pro Quad Core Intel Xeon processor 2 x 3.06 Ghz 16 Gb

. Software: Logic Pro X - Sibelius -

. Plug-in: Melodyne4, Waves Analog Modeled (Compressor, Gates, Equalizers, Effect, Limiters, Reverb, Delays, Guitar Plugins, DeEssers ...)

. Original sound libraries for Cinema Sound:
 Native Instrument Bundle Komplete Ultimate 12 (Collection Edition 2019), East West: Symphonic Choirs, Symphonic Orchestra Gold - Platinum, Goliath, Gypsy, Ministry Of Rock, Stromdrum, Spectrasonic: Omnisphere, Trillian, Stylus RMX, 8Dio Cellos and Clarinet, Cinematic Strings , Cineharp, LA scoring strings, Orchestral Tools, Cinesamples, Project Sam Symphobia 1 - 2 - 3 Lumina, Vienna Symphonic, Cinamatique instruments, Noire Piano, Evolve Sinth, Evolve Mutation 1 - 2 and much more ...

. Mixer - Mackie ONYX 1640 i

. Monitor: Dynaudio LYD 48

. Microphones: Neuman U87 i, Sennheiser, Shure sm 58,

. Preamplifier: Avalon 737 tube

. Headphones - AKG - SONY

. Master Keyboard Komplete Kontrol S 88 Native Instruments
. Electric Piano Korg Stage Vintage SV1