“A song is like a tailored suit. You have to feel it to feel good about yourself. "

Performing on stage in front of many people is certainly a great experience but you need to have the perfect song to make the most of your performance.Making an original unreleased song, never heard before, is a very complex task, not only in terms of musical technical skills, but also in terms of understanding what you want to express. To do this, I completely identify with the vision of the artist         I am following, trying to identify and get as close as possible to his sensitivity. To do this I have to get to know the person thoroughly, musically and emotionally.

I use this working method of mine with two of my artists that I am producing: Asia and Max.


Asia is a girl I've been following for about a year, aged 16, with a clear and passionate voice, lyrics that tell the depth of her emotions and a lot of enthusiasm for music. She studied opera singing and then approached pop singing, to produce, together with me, songs of the Italian melodic genre.
In just a few months she managed to reach the top places in various Italian singing competitions, bringing our songs as a workhorse. The first releases, already present on the web, have already reached a considerable one.

For listening:

(Archi suonati dal quartetto “Archimia”, che suonano nei tour di Elisa)


Max is a young 19-year-old crooner. Always listens only to the greats voices of swing music:  Frank Sinatra and Tommy Bennet first of all.
We have similar musical tastes, so it was easy for me to identify with his style. After the first time he entered my studio I thought it was perfect to have him accompanied by my swing band “IL BOOM”!
We have been working since February 2020 on a project that will see a CD of "IL BOOM!" with Max as a special voice, composed of unreleased songs and covers in swing and jazz style.
In these days (December 2020) we released our Christmas song “When the Christmas…” in all digital stores. The text is by Giovanni Tisti and by Max Vitaliano himself.
The music is mine and it is played by my group “IL BOOM”: Mik Lazzarini on tenor sax, Federico Rubert double bass, Don Tarallo drums.

Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx8ZkQkfJtk