Miracolo a Milano

Year: 2003
Genre: film cortometraggio commedia
Director: Toni Brunetti
Music: R.Rinciari (Special guest: Kimberly Covington.)
Cast: Silvia Baldo, Giovanni Battezzato, Pietro De Pascalis, Gianluca Stetur, Raffaele Fallica,
Production: Kubrik

Plot: Mimmo Serlitano, a widower, benefits from a miraculous event. Mimmo becomes "Soros the enlightened", a holy man followed by the whole neighborhood. Unfortunately for him things will not go so well ...

This short film was the first work done with director Toni Brunetti. In the opening and closing theme song the voice is from the American singer Kimberly Covinton, who in 2003 sang in various clubs in Milan. The songs in the film were all made with virtual sounds except the sax which was recorded live.