Dirty Fears The game of the shame

Genre: Horror
Director: Carlo Fusco
Cast: Michael Madsen, Eric Roberts, Sokol Martini, Eleonora Puglia, Melina Arena,
Music: R.Rinciari - R.Matulich - G. Bruschi
Music publisher: Crisler Music

Production: Likos Film

Plot: an escaped mental patient takes over and cares for a mysterious man mountain motel: what was once a place of rest and relaxation becomes a place of nightmares.

In this film we had a lot of fun using horror effects and sounds to give intensity to the looks and the long moments of emotional and silent tension of the actors locked in this mountain hotel with a homicidal madman. Knowing the particular genre of director C. Fusco, who devoids of dialogue but dense and full and expressive, the musical work was very rewarding and not so difficult, given also the skill and interpretation of the great Hollywood actors who were in the cast.